Artesis works with a growing number of partners around the world who have been able to use Artesis technology to improve the service they provide to their customers. We are always enthusiastic to discuss new partnering opportunities with organizations whose requirements might range from integration of Artesis products into a wider system to new product development.

Our partners include:

Invensys Performance Services

Invensys Process Services are leveraging Artesis products within their portfolio of Asset Performance Solutions. Invensys Global Consulting expertise, combined with advanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities allow customers to achieve significant improvement in asset availability.

Invensys is a global industrial automation, transportation and controls group, operating in more than 60 countries with customers in a wide range of industries from oil and gas, power and utilities, chemicals and rail systems to food and beverage, healthcare and data communications - as well as the discrete and hybrid manufacturing sectors.

It focuses on the application of technology to enable customers to increase productivity, reduce waste, remove cost from the supply chain, boost profitability and demonstrate measurable improvement in performance.

The DEI Group

The DEI Group, based in Maryland, USA, provides its Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) solution to customers in capital-intensive production and heavy manufacturing industries. It has worked closely with Artesis to integrate Artesis MCM and PCM into the PreMA system, which builds on the monitoring and diagnostic capabilities of these devices with powerful risk prediction and integration with Enterprise Asset Management and Mobile Work Force infrastructure.

The DEI Group has been delivering asset management solutions since 1982, and is able to use this extensive experience to support a phased approach to implementation that ensures maximum incremental benefit at each stage.

James Fisher MIMIC

Artesis works closely with James Fisher MIMIC in the UK to provide complete maintenance solutions to customers in the Maritime and other industries. James Fisher MIMIC provides a full range of maintenance software and consulting services to the International Shipping industry, and has successfully worked with the UK Royal Navy since 1988.

James Fisher MIMIC has now integrated the Artesis MCM and PCM units into its popular MIMIC condition monitoring system, providing a comprehensive and effective solution for maintenance professionals. The MIMIC system features links to Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), further widening the benefits available to customers.

Kron Medidores

Kron Medidores is a Brazilian company specializing in the manufacture of instrumentation and control systems for a wide range of customers both in South America and around the world. Kron development engineers have worked closely with Artesis to produce the PA-01 Predictive Multifunction Analyzer, which builds on the functionality of the MCM to meet the needs of its customer base.

Kron has been designing and manufacturing electronic instruments since 1954, progressively adopting new technologies as its customers' requirements have evolved. In common with many other groups, these customers increasingly demand systems that detect and diagnose faults in their equipment. By partnering with Artesis, Kron was able to satisfy this demand in a fraction of the time required for a completely new development.

Federal Elektrik

Federal Elektrik is a leading supplier of low-voltage circuit breakers and electronic instrumentation for the electromechanical industry. When it started development of a new generation of relay and contactor instruments for electric motors, it decided to go beyond conventional instantaneous fault detection by providing an advanced fault diagnosis capability. Recognising the benefits of the model-based fault detection approach, Federal Elektrik was able to work with Artesis to develop the FR32 Smart Electronic Motor Protection Relay and Contactor. This compact and advanced device has allowed Federal Elektrik to bring the benefits of automated fault diagnosis to a range of customers who would have found traditional monitoring and diagnostic systems too expensive and complex.