Improve your resilience to power failures in complex energy operations

Artesis is here to support the energy sector with our advanced system for monitoring and predicting issues. In an industry where a steady power supply is crucial, our technology plays a key role in ensuring things run smoothly.

Our special software is great at spotting potential problems early in rotating equipment, acting like an important early warning system. This is especially important in the energy sector, where unexpected breakdowns can lead to disruptive power outages affecting businesses, homes, and critical infrastructure.

Artesis significantly contributes to the reliability of the energy sector by offering an effective predictive maintenance solution. By looking at patterns over time, our technology gives an early sign of possible issues. This helps grid operators plan ahead, taking actions to prevent power disruptions and ensuring a constant energy supply to industries and communities.

  • Lowering Operational Expenses: Minimizing costs associated with operational inefficiencies and environmental risks stemming from equipment breakdowns.
  • Optimal Performance and Early Detection: Ensuring optimal equipment performance and detecting potential failures in advance, preventing costly disruptions.
  • Enhanced Equipment Reliability: Boosting equipment reliability, extending the overall operational life of assets, and optimizing asset performance.
  • Boosting Growth and Sustainability: Reducing life-cycle costs, avoiding damaging conditions like vibration or cavitation, and providing early warnings of potential failures contribute to the growth and sustainability of offshore operations.
  • Speeding Up Decision-Making: Proactive maintenance planning and intervention accelerate the decision-making process, leading to reduced maintenance costs, increased availability and reliability, longer intervals between outages, and lower insurance premiums.

These advantages collectively result in:

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Avoidance of Damaging Conditions: Such as vibration or cavitation
  • Early Warning of Potential Failures
  • Proactive Maintenance Planning
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Availability and Reliability
  • Longer Intervals Between Outages
  • Lower Insurance Premiums

Fossil Fuel Power Plant

Coal, petrol, and gas energy plants use steam or combustion gases to generate electricity through large turbines and generators. In this process, various rotating equipment such as alternators, pumps, and cooling fans are crucial.

Artesis E-MCM and E-PCM units provide a smart and affordable way to monitor the condition of these rotating machines. Our technology also covers gearboxes, compressors, and other essential equipment in fossil energy plants. This monitoring ensures these machines work well, contributing to the smooth operation of the entire energy generation process.

Hyrdo Plants

Artesis exclusively utilizes a non-invasive methodology in our monitoring solutions for hydro power applications. Our technology relies solely on current and voltage readings, better suited for hydro units. This commitment to non-invasive methods ensures effective and precise monitoring, focusing on current and voltage measurements without incorporating other technologies. This approach allows for optimal performance management and early detection of potential issues in hydro power systems.

Nuclear Plants In a nuclear plant, nuclear fission produces steam, which turns a turbine connected to a generator. Nuclear plants are known for running steadily for long periods, providing a reliable energy supply. However, this reliability depends on the trustworthiness of specific equipment in the generation process.

Key components like reactor coolant pumps, feedwater pumps, and emergency core cooling systems are crucial for the plant’s efficiency and safety. Systems like reactor coolant fans and containment ventilation fans also play a vital role. The reliability of these specialized components is essential for the continuous and dependable operation of nuclear power plants.

To enhance this reliability, non-invasive monitoring technology, like Artesis, offers a valuable benefit. By continuously monitoring these critical components without intrusive measures, it ensures early detection of potential issues, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of nuclear power plant operations.



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