“Elevating Reliability in Food & Beverage: Artesis’s Hygienic Advantage”

The food and beverage industry faces unique challenges, particularly concerning hygienic standards and safety. Artesis condition monitoring products emerge as a solution, offering a distinctive advantage—no sensor installation on the equipment itself. This not only ensures uncompromised hygiene but also addresses safety concerns seamlessly.

Machinery in food processing is intricate, with interconnected systems of conveyors, belts, and fasteners, making maintenance a complex task. Artesis introduces a groundbreaking model-based solution, empowering maintenance specialists to predict potential equipment failures. Continuous monitoring of the asset’s health and detection of deviations from the reference model provide crucial insights for proactive maintenance.

Specific Benefits for Food and Beverage Industry:

  1. Hygienic Integrity: Artesis’s sensor-free approach maintains hygienic standards without compromising on monitoring precision.
  2. Predictive Maintenance Precision: In the food industry, where downtime can be critical, Artesis’s model-based solution aids in predicting and preventing equipment failures, ensuring seamless production.
  3. Safety Assurance: With no direct sensor contact, Artesis eliminates safety concerns, aligning perfectly with the stringent safety standards of the food and beverage sector.
  4. Operational Efficiency: Beyond predictive maintenance, Artesis contributes to optimal performance, extended equipment life, and overall operational efficiency, supporting growth and sustainability.
  5. Agile Decision-Making: The rapid insights provided by Artesis accelerate the decision-making process, crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic food and beverage industry.

Financial Optimization:

  • Mitigating Capital Expenditures: Artesis’s predictive maintenance approach helps cut down on repair and maintenance costs by foreseeing potential equipment failures, addressing the top financial concern of food and beverage executives.
  • Streamlining Labor Costs: With rising labor costs being a prominent concern (ranked at 8.1), Artesis provides efficiency gains in maintenance operations, reducing the workload on human resources and ensuring cost-effective workforce management.

Production Line

Artesis stands out as the optimal choice for ensuring seamless production line operations:

  1. Conveying Systems Continuity:
  • Artesis monitors the conveying systems crucial for material and product movement along the production line. Uninterrupted operation is vital to prevent product loss, and Artesis ensures these systems never come to a halt.
  1. Ingredients Blending Precision:
  • In the ingredients blending stage, Artesis keeps a vigilant eye on motor-driven mixers and centrifuges. Detecting faults in this critical stage ensures a flawless blend, meeting the highest standards and preventing product loss.
  1. Extruders, the Heart of the Process:
  • For products where extruders play a central role, Artesis monitors the motors and gearboxes driving these vital components. This ensures the heart of the production process operates optimally.
  1. Feeder Reliability:
  • Artesis extends its monitoring prowess to feeders supplying ingredients, blenders, and other materials. A faulty feeder could disrupt the entire production line, and Artesis guarantees reliable performance.
  1. Comprehensive Monitoring:
  • Artesis technology is versatile, capable of monitoring almost any motor-driven equipment in the production line. This versatility ensures that every component operates efficiently, minimizing the risk of downtime and product loss.

In essence, choosing Artesis means choosing unparalleled reliability for your production line. With our advanced monitoring solutions, your operations remain optimized, efficient, and resilient to potential disruptions.

Service Equipment

Artesis steps in to monitor and ensure the flawless performance of these essential components:

  1. Feedwater Pumps Reliability:
  • Artesis diligently monitors feedwater pumps to guarantee the proper supply of water essential for the production process. Timely detection of issues ensures uninterrupted water flow.
  1. Cleaning Water Pumps Efficiency:
  • Cleaning activities are vital for maintaining hygiene standards. Artesis monitors cleaning water pumps to ensure these activities are executed efficiently, contributing to the overall sanitation of the production line.
  1. Air Compressors Performance:
  • For pneumatic devices to run seamlessly, Artesis monitors air compressors. Detection of load fluctuations due to potential air loss enables proactive intervention, preventing disruptions.
  1. Ventilation Standards Assurance:
  • Artesis oversees fresh air supply fans and extraction fans to ensure ventilation meets the required standards. Proper facility ventilation is essential for maintaining a hygienic and regulated production environment.
  1. Heating and Cooling Systems Integrity:
  • Whether for the production process or environmental control, Artesis monitors motor-driven equipment in heating and cooling systems. Timely detection of mechanical or electrical issues ensures these systems operate optimally.

Artesis technology provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring critical service equipment, offering timely insights into potential mechanical or electrical problems. By choosing Artesis, your production line remains not only efficient but also aligned with the stringent standards of the food and beverage industry.




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