Assure the future of the water distribution and treatment by reducing cost, energy and risk

Artesis empowers water companies with continuous monitoring of aerators, centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, mixers, clarifiers, and submerged equipment, preventing potential failures and optimizing asset performance and energy consumption.

In the water industry, system downtime is both disruptive and costly. Artesis’s predictive maintenance and power monitoring solutions enhance operational efficiencies, prevent unplanned downtime, and extend the economic life of critical assets. Utilizing predictive maintenance in the water industry offers benefits such as:

  • Lowering Operational Expenses and Environmental Risks: Mitigating costs associated with equipment breakdowns reduces operational expenses and minimizes environmental risks.
  • Ensuring Optimal Performance and Early Issue Detection: Artesis ensures optimal performance of critical equipment, including submerged components, clarifiers, and mixers, by detecting potential failures early, preventing disruptions.
  • Optimizing Asset Performance and Energy Efficiency: Artesis’s solutions not only optimize asset performance but also enhance energy efficiency, promoting sustainability in water operations.
  • Detecting Clogging Issues: Artesis’s monitoring solutions can identify and predict issues such as clogging, allowing for proactive measures to maintain system efficiency.
  • Monitoring Submerged Equipment: Artesis achieves this without the need for additional sensors, as the monitoring is conducted from the electrical cabinet, providing a non-intrusive and cost-effective solution.
  • Reducing Workload for Maintenance Operators: Artesis’s technology eliminates the need for physical checks, reducing the workload for maintenance operators. By providing real-time insights remotely, operators can focus on strategic maintenance interventions rather than routine physical inspections.
  • Streamlining Decision-Making Processes: Artesis accelerates the decision-making process by providing actionable insights, reducing response times to critical issues.

Incorporating predictive maintenance from Artesis into water industry operations leads to significant benefits, including decreased overall maintenance costs, improved energy efficiency, proactive clogging issue detection, and a proactive approach to asset management. This approach ensures a reliable and cost-effective operation while prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Conveyance System Pumping Stations

Artesis provides comprehensive monitoring for conveyance system pumping stations, overseeing centrifugal, Archimedes, and screw pumps. Our technology is designed to monitor both the mechanical and electrical conditions, ensuring a thorough assessment of the equipment’s health. Artesis excels in detecting variations in the load, particularly crucial for identifying potential leakages in the wastewater system pumping. With our advanced monitoring solutions, we offer a proactive approach to maintenance, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of conveyance system pumping stations.

Water Treatment

Artesis offers extensive monitoring capabilities for various components in water treatment facilities:

  1. Settling and Sedimentation Tanks:
    • Monitor motors actuating tanks’ chains and circular tank arms.
    • Ensure comprehensive oversight of settling and sedimentation processes.
  2. Secondary Water Treatment:
    • Monitor compressors for aeration tanks.
    • Track the condition of air diffusers, enhancing aeration efficiency.
    • Easily monitor surface aerators in aeration tank facilities without the need for additional sensors on the motor.
  3. Final Clarifiers:
    • Monitor pumps, submersible mixers, and submersible agitators without the installation of sensors.
    • Ensure optimal performance and longevity of equipment in final clarifiers.
  4. Sludge Handling:
    • Monitor sludge conveying vertical pumps and sludge mixers.
    • Achieve comprehensive oversight without the need for additional sensors.

Artesis’s advanced monitoring solutions provide a non-invasive and efficient approach to ensure the mechanical and electrical health of critical components in water treatment processes. This proactive monitoring contributes to the reliability, efficiency, and longevity of your water treatment facility equipment.

Solid Processing Monitoring

Artesis excels in monitoring critical components in solid processing systems:

  1. Digestor Tank Mixers and Sludge Mixers:
    • Monitor without the need for sensor installations.
    • Artesis technology oversees electrical and mechanical conditions, including the low-speed shaft and the impeller.
  2. Solids Dewatering Systems:
    • Monitor various types of machines, including decanter or centrifugal systems, screw presses, and belt presses.
    • Artesis technology ensures comprehensive oversight, contributing to the reliability and efficiency of solids dewatering processes.

Artesis’s advanced monitoring solutions provide a non-invasive and effective approach to ensure the health of critical components in solid processing systems. This proactive monitoring helps detect and address electrical and mechanical faults, promoting the longevity and optimal performance of equipment in solid processing applications.



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