Where continuous operation is crucial for maximum productivity, any failure in the smelting process can lead to substantial production delays and significant material costs. Artesis emerges as the ideal ally for the iron and steel industry, offering unparalleled condition monitoring tailored for challenging environments.

Why Artesis Thrives in Steel Manufacturing:

  1. 24/7 Monitoring for Maximum Productivity:
    • Artesis ensures round-the-clock monitoring of critical plant assets, supporting the steel manufacturing plant’s continuous operation for optimal productivity.
  2. Direct Installation in Control Cabinets:
    • By utilizing electrical signals from AC motors and other rotating equipment, Artesis is uniquely designed to be installed directly in control cabinets, making it a seamless fit for the demanding conditions of the iron and steel industry.
  3. Perfect Predictive Maintenance Solution:
    • Artesis excels in predictive maintenance, actively contributing to the goals of steel manufacturers in lowering operational expenses and mitigating environmental risks associated with equipment breakdowns.
  4. Optimal Performance Assurance:
    • Detecting potential failures before they escalate, Artesis ensures optimal performance, enhancing the reliability of equipment and extending the overall operational life of critical assets.
  5. Strategic Asset Optimization:
    • Artesis supports steel companies in optimizing asset performance, fostering growth, and ensuring sustainability by delivering precise insights that empower strategic decision-making.
  6. Elevating Energy Efficiency:
    • Artesis goes beyond conventional monitoring, actively contributing to energy efficiency initiatives. By analyzing electrical signals and offering predictive insights, Artesis aids in optimizing energy consumption, aligning operations with sustainable and cost-effective practices.
  7. Accelerated Decision-Making:
    • The rapid insights provided by Artesis not only expedite the decision-making process but also contribute to boosting overall efficiency, crucial for the dynamic demands of the iron and steel industry.

In essence, Artesis stands as a robust and tailored solution, aligning seamlessly with the demanding conditions of steel manufacturing. By choosing Artesis, steel companies embrace a proactive approach to maintenance, safeguarding against disruptions, ensuring energy efficiency, and ensuring a continuous and cost-effective steel production process.


  • Sinter and Coke Plants:
    • Essential for the initial stages of steel production.
  • Waste Gas Fan:
    • Manages waste gases generated during the production process.
  • Cooling Fans:
    • Maintains optimal temperatures in various stages of the manufacturing process.
  • DeNOx Combustion Air Fan:
    • Supports the combustion process while minimizing nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • Hot Air Fan:
    • Provides heated air for specific stages in steel production.
  • Dedusting Fan:
    • Removes dust and particles from the air during various production phases.
  • Coke Oven Fan:
    • Maintains airflow in coke ovens during the coking process.
  • Gas Booster Fan:
    • Boosts the pressure of gases for specific applications.
  • Coke Oven By-Product Compressor:
    • Compresses by-products generated in the coke oven process.
  • Slab and Casting:
    • Forms slabs from molten metal for further processing.
  • Hot Saws:
    • Cuts hot metal into desired lengths.
  • Power Island (Heat Recovery):
    • Recovers and utilizes heat generated during the production process.
  • Steam Turbine/Generator:
    • Converts steam energy into electrical power.
  • Boiler Feed Pumps:
    • Supplies water to boilers for steam generation.
  • Cooling Tower Fans:
    • Cools water used in various cooling processes.
  • Reheat Furnace Fans:
    • Provides heated air for reheating processed steel.
  • Pickling Lines:
    • Removes scale and oxides from the steel surface.

All of the equipment above needs to be monitored in order to ensure the reliable operation of an integrated steel manufacturing plant. Artesis provides a solution for monitoring these critical assets, offering user-friendly data to maintenance teams for proactive and effective plant management.



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